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Ethical Management

Charter of Business Ethics

Values of NWEDCPL which conducts integrity management as corporate culture
With full awareness that integrity management is the driving force of corporate competitiveness, we, the employees of NWEDCPL, are determined to enact and practice the charter of business ethics as the standard of value assessment and code of conduct in order to build integrity and trust-based corporate culture.

  1. Based on integrity and trust, we dutifully observe the internal rules of ethics and applicable laws and take the initiative in building an honourable and principled corporate culture.
  2. We respect our customers and value their confidence. In addition, we achieve customer satisfaction and gain their trust by providing services which can create customer values.
  3. We practice fair competition in all business activities and pursue mutual benefits and prosperity by building mutual trust and cooperative relationship through open and transparent transactions.
  4. We respect our employees, make our best efforts to provide opportunities to nurture creativity and conduct impartial evaluation.
  5. We protect shareholders' profits, create a comfortable and prosperous life for customers and contribute to community development by evolving into a dependable company through rational business activities.


Code of Business Ethics Commitment Oath

I have carefully read and am fully informed of the Code of Business Ethics. I pledge to observe the Code dutifully and actively participate in the Company's ethics management. In particular, I will observe the following provisions at all times during the performance of my duties and obligations, and I agree to accept any punishment for violating the Oath.

* Prohibition on acceptance of money, gifts, entertainment and/or accommodation

  1. Employees shall NOT request or receive any money, gifts, entertainment and/or accommodation from any interested parties.
  2. Employees shall NOT provide money or, gifts and entertainment or accommodation exceeding the scope of social norm to any interested parties including suppliers.
  3. Any money or gift offered shall be politely rejected or returned.
    * Interested parties: Employees, customers, partners and government employees whose rights or interest may, directly or indirectly, influence and/or be influenced by our business activities

* Prohibition on monetary transactions with interested parties

  1. Employees shall NOT engage in debt transactions (ex: Loans, guarantees, etc.) with interested parties.

* Protection of assets and important information of the Company

  1. Employees shall protect the tangible and intangible assets of the Company and NOT use them for personal purposes.
  2. Employees shall NOT disclose material information which could have a significant impact on the profits of the Company.

* Prohibition on acquiring wrongful profits or engaging in acts which cause loss to the Company by abusing their position

I hereby agree that I will dutifully provide details on financial transactions and personal information when requested by the Company to prove that I have NOT engaged in an unfair transaction or violated the Code of Business Ethics.


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