Sustainable Management

Environmental Vision & Goals

In order to continue the execution of our environmental policy, we have created the codes of conduct below.

This will enable us to become a leader in conserving the environment a Global Power Leader.

Environmental Vision

Environmental Goals

01.  Establishment of an advanced environmental managerial system

  • Establishment of an environmental system
  • Creation and operation of an environmentally friendly company
  • Establishment and execution of forward-looking environmental goals
  • Benchmarking of an advanced environmental index
  • Setting of long-term goals for 2014 and 2015

02.  Discharge of polluting materials and minimization of effects.

  • Management of air pollution
  • Installation of highly effective desulphurization, denitrification and dust-collector facilities
  • Optimization of the management of the phlogiston and light oil sulfuric fuel
  • Management of water
  • Application of deep-water protective measures and no discharge of sewage
  • Prevention of the discharging of toxic materials or oil leakage

03.  Active preservation of the environment of the earth

  • A plan for the amount of discharge of CO2
  • Enhancement of heat effectiveness; usage of new recycled energy
  • Saving of resources and energy
  • Consideration of using LNG and water pumping
  • Looking for strategies such as Tokyo Protocols
  • Acquisition of discharge trade authority and forest discharge authority
  • Analysis of government and international trends
  • Strengthening the relationship with the local community
  • Support cultural activities
  • Maintain a communicative channel with an environmental association
  • Provide a place to enjoy nature with the enlargement of green areas
  • New image created through transparent management procedures
  • Sharing of information by publicizing our environmental report
  • On-time transmission and operation of electric boards


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