Sustainable Management

The Environmental Policy

Yes, NWEDCPL is company that know what counts: high-quality, low-priced electricity. NWEDCPL will play a vital role in supplying electric energy to our national industries. Because environmental conservation is the only viable managerial strategy, NWEDCPL meets the environmental guidelines below to comply with environmental criteria, constructing a win-win management system. It applies the guidelines to all its business procedures and activities.

  1. What we should do to minimize the effects of our activities on the environment is to develop advanced environmental protection activities.
  2. To enable our power plants to work in harmony with the environment, environmental care and protection are needed. This will allow us to apply new technology from advanced countries to create a better environment.
  3. We take part in all kinds of environmental policy programs and activities under the government's plans for environmental conservation and try to make use of newly regenerated energy to cut costs.
  4. We take the company's social responsibility seriously by setting environmental goals, from which we can formulate a win-win strategy which both benefits the company and enhances environmental conservation.
  5. We try to prevent environmental damage and to behave socially responsibly by recycling resources to minimize disposal and maximize recycling.
  6. We try hard to do our best to achieve coexistence and co-prosperity and to strengthen our relationship with nearby residents of the power plant through supporting cultural activities and income-generating businesses.
  7. We collect feedback from the public so that we can make practical use of it and make environmental information freely available to the community and public bodies. We will raise our image through transparent management


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