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Nepal Water & Energy Development Company Private Limited was incorporated as a private limited company under the Companies Act, 1996 on 23 March 2002 in Nepal. The registered office address of the company has been changed to 3rd Floor, Four Square Complex, Ward No.1, Naxal, Narayan Chaur, Kathmandu District, and Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Nepal on 26 November, 2012. The company is developing the 216 MW Upper Trishuli 1 Hydropower Projects which is located in Rasuwa District.


The company has obtained approval for Foreign Direct Investment on 25 November, 2011 and Korea South-East Power Co., Ltd., Daelim Industrial Co., Ltd. and Kyeryong Construction Industrial Co., Ltd. hold the share equity 52%, 16% and 10% respectively as well as International Finance Corporation (IFC- World Bank Group) is holding 10% equity share with remaining 10% share equity is held by Mr. Bkesh Pradhanang according to Share Purchase Agreement.

Presently, the company has Authorized and Issued capital of NPR 14,029,377,000.00 which was approved on 18 March, 2013.


Capital Structure
Shareholders Equity Ratio (%)
M/S Korea South East Power Co. Ltd. 52%
M/S International Finance Corporation (IFC-The World Bank Group) 12%
M/S Daelim Industrial Co. Pvt. Ltd. 16%
M/S Kyeryong Construction Industrial Co. Pvt. Ltd. 10%
Mr. Bkesh Pradhanang 10%


Nepal Water and Energy Development Company Pvt. Ltd.

Block-B, Four Square Complex, House No: 605
Sama Street, Narayan Chour, Naxal
Kathmandu, Nepal

Phone No.
: + 977 1 4412229 | 4412257 | 4412557
: + 977 1 4422775