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"NWEDCPL is taking part in creating a world where all are happy."

Creative pioneer refers to the talent who continue to create new values and ideas by utilizing plenty of knowledge.

Those who are willing to contribute to society with a sound mind, and those who do their best to serve customers honestly and fairly; it is these people who are the essential talent to NWEDCPL, which aims to be a people-oriented corporation.



Nepal Water and Energy Development Company Pvt. Ltd.

Block-B, Four Square Complex, House No: 605
Sama Street, Narayan Chour, Naxal
Kathmandu, Nepal

Phone No.
: + 977 1 4412229 | 4412257 | 4412557
: + 977 1 4422775
: admin@nwedc.com.np
: www.nwedcpl.com