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Our Value & Our Role

Our Value

Our effort is Empowering future by empowering light. A couples of years later, we assure to overcome the challenge of load shedding by exceeding the expectations of every individual, family, industry, business sector whom we define aspect of improvement. With our passion , we will fulfill the ambitioning dream of a child to make future bright as they are deprived of achieving quality and technology. We shall add to enthusiasm, and accomplish our commitment to their highest level of satisfaction.

We truly want be a pioneer.

Our Role

  1. Technology Transfer UT-1 Main sponsor KOSEP has 10 years of Operation & Management (O&M) experiences and less than 2% of Transmission Loss which is very low comparing to Nepalese situation. KOSEP will transfer high level of O&M skill to Nepal .
  2. Increment of Gross Domestic Product Because of Foreign Direct Investment, Nepal’s Gross Domestic Product will be highly increased. It will vitalize Nepalese economy.
  3. Substitution of Diesel Import Lack of electricity causes huge amount of Diesel import for generator but UT-1 project can reduce diesel import more than 20 million USD per year.
  4. Creation of Employment During the construction period (5 years), 200~500 Nepalese employees will work for this UT-1 Project per day. And during the operation period (30 years), 30~40 Nepalese employee will work for UT-1 operation.


Nepal Water and Energy Development Company Pvt. Ltd.

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